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OMG Bubbles can create a thrilling interactive event--indoor or outdoor--for a number of different occasions.

  • Birthday Parties

At an OMG Bubbles birthday party, kids enjoy an interactive bubble show with thousands of bubbles to admire, chase, and pop.  We make big blobs of foam with our signature Foaminator 5000 - then kids get put inside giant bubbles!  The bubble fun lasts about one hour.

  • School Events

OMG Bubbles can add a festive atmosphere to your school celebration or fundraiser with beautiful giant bubbles.  

  • Festivals & Street fairs


At public outdoor events like festivals and street fairs, OMG entertains the crowd with huge bubbles, streams of bubbles, and other bubble shenanigans. 


  • Photo Shoots

Create a mesmerizing scene for your creative or commercial photo shoot with a choice of giant bubbles, smoke-filled bubbles, and amazing streams of thousand of tiny bubbles.  

Yueyao Big Bubble.JPG


  • Corporate Events

  • Store Openings

  • Music Events

  • Art Fairs

Email for more information about pricing and schedules. 

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